May-June 2017


MR Neurography: State of the Art

Chhabra pic

Avneesh Chhabra

It is my pleasure to write an editorial for this exciting AJNR News Digest on the topic of MR neurography (MRN). MRN has come a long way since its introduction in 1992 by Howe et al.1 Several technical developments have occurred in this domain over the last … more »

Head & Neck

Visualization of the Peripheral Branches of the Mandibular Division of the Trigeminal Nerve on 3D Double-Echo Steady-State with Water Excitation Sequence

Fujii pic

Hiroyuki Fujii

Cranial nerve impairments can significantly compromise functionality and quality of life. Knowledge of the anatomic course of each cranial nerve and its relationship with surrounding structures is important for diagnosing various cranial pathologies and preventing complications from surgical interventions.

Despite recent advances in MR imaging technology, … more »


Characterization of Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors with 3T Proton MR Spectroscopy

Fayad pic

Laura M. Fayad

My research has focused on advancing MR imaging techniques, especially noncontrast techniques, for various applications in musculoskeletal tumor imaging, including the detection, characterization, and assessment of treatment response and the differentiation of postsurgical nodular scar from recurrence. A particular challenge in our field is … more »