November-December 2017


MR Imaging Genomics and Medulloblastoma

Baumann Pic

Marlene Baumann

Radiogenomics, or imaging genomics, is a term that describes an exciting emerging field of research that is aimed at defining relationships between image features (image phenotypes) and molecular markers (molecular phenotypes).1  Traditionally, radiology has been primarily focused on the correlation between imaging and histopathologic findings. … more »

Expedited Publication

MRI Surrogates for Molecular Subgroups of Medulloblastoma

Yeom Pic

Kristen Yeom

Back in February 2008, Scott Atlas, Paul Fisher, and I sat together brainstorming how we might tackle tricky cases of patients with pediatric medulloblastomas. This was a time before molecular subtyping of medulloblastoma. We all knew medulloblastomas could look like anything. They could sit in … more »